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Trinidad: Man locks self in living room, but still got killed

At first, the gun jammed, then he ran into a room and locked the door.

However, none of these tactics could prevent gunmen from killing a man at his house in Greenvale, Trinidad on Friday, May 14.

According to a police press release, which did not identify the deceased, at around 5 p.m., police responded to a report of a shooting at 313 Casil Avenue, East Greenvale.

An eyewitness told the officers, according to the release, that at about 40 p.m., he was with the victim and another person when two masked men, both brandishing firearms, stormed into the living room through an open door at the side of the house.

The eyewitness further stated that one of the gunmen pointed the gun at the deceased but the gun jammed.

As a result, the victim grabbed the gunman pointing the firearm at him, ran out of the living room, and locked himself in a bedroom.

However, both gunmen forced themselves into the bedroom and peppered the victim with shots before running out of the house.

The other occupants of the house were not harmed.

Police said 15 9mm casings, four projectiles and two live rounds of ammunition were found at the crime scene.