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Saint Lucia: Four arrested; firearms, drugs seized in Dennery

Four males have been arrested after two firearms, a quantity of ammunition, and illegal drugs were recovered during a joint operation at various locations in Dennery on Monday, May 24, 2021, police said in a news release.

During the joint police operation, police officers from a joint task force carried out 15 search warrants for the property.

Police said three males were arrested after a search conducted at a residence in Dennery revealed:

– One Draco 7.62×28 automatic rifle with two magazines and twenty-five 7.62 rounds of ammunition
– One Glock 19 with a magazine and thirty-two 9mm rounds of ammunition
– One magazine and fifteen 9mm rounds of ammunition.

Police said about 4.5 kilogrammes of suspected cannabis was recovered at a second location, resulting in the arrest of one male.

“Charges are expected to be preferred against persons in custody shortly,” the release stated.