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Keon Quammie charged for damaging bank's ATM

St Vincent: Man jailed for smashing ATM

A man who reportedly has a history of psychiatric issues was caught on camera using a stone to smash a Republic Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM), according to a media report.

The perpetrator, Keon Quammie of Enhams, was sentenced to one year in prison for his efforts but he will be out sooner having already spent some months on remand.

The ATM is valued at TT$158,623.94.

Quammie carried out the criminal damage act on the night of September 22, 2020, at the Republic Bank’s Halifax Branch.

According to media reports, he resorted to using a large stone when his initial efforts to get into the machine proved futile.

He is seen on camera repeatedly smashing the machine while ensuring no one is noticing his efforts.

After damaging the machine, he reportedly pushed his hand into the screen area but injured his hand in the process.

Police reportedly observed blood at the scene, prompting them to check the hospital for anyone who came for treatment.

Quammie was eventually met with a bandaged hand and arrested.