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Jamaica: Manchester police issues wanted bulletin

The Mandeville Police Station in Manchester parish in Jamaica has issued a bulletin naming 23 persons of interest and one wanted man in connection with criminal activities, specifically in the Comfort community, which has been rocked by violence recently.

Reports are that some of the persons are being sought in connection with two shootings last week which resulted in the death of a 43-year-old mechanic identified as Shawn Pryce.

A senior cop told the media that the persons on the list are being urged to turn themselves in as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Christopher Silent is the only wanted man on the list. According to the lawmen, he is wanted in connection with a financial investigation.

The 23 persons of interest being sought are Romario Ellis, also known as Fudgie; a man also known as Jimroy; Akeem o also known as Rustie; Chevon Mullings; Richard Miller, also known as Ricky; Kimoy Thomas; Omar Henry; Jermaine Rowe; Radjney Parker, also known as Sky Man; Jahner Mahoney; Bruce Campbell; Tafiry Campbell, also known as Mousey; Dwight Henry, also known as Tweety Bird; Dennis King, also known as Crackers; Raheem, also known as Rustie; Donald Scott, also known as Douglas or Webba; a man known as Kenny; a man known only as Pim Pim; a man known only as Westman; a man known only as Little D; a man known only as Jay; a man known only as Ginga Webba; and Marlon Thomas, also known as Mat.