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Shervington Lovell, also known as 'Big Head', has been sentenced to 11 years in prison by a New York court.

Guyana: “Big Head” slapped with 11-year sentence

A United States (US) court has sentenced Guyanese businessman Shervington “Big Head” Lovell to 11 years in prison in connection with a major drug conspiracy case, according to media reports and court documents.

Lovell was sentenced after pleading guilty to drug conspiracy in New York.

In 2018, Lovell was extradited from Jamaica to the US after he and others were arrested for conspiring to ship more than 1300 pounds of cocaine to the Netherlands that same year.

Lovell had pleaded not guilty and his trial was set for 2020, however, he decided to plead guilty.

His co-conspirators had pleaded guilty subsequent to their arrests.

According to court documents, the drug investigation included Guyana, Jamaica, and New York.

Lovell owned a number of businesses in Guyana including hotels.