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The police have warned the public about posting intimate photos and videos online.

BVI police warn public about posting intimate photos and videos online

Police in the British Virgin Islands is warning people, particularly the younger ones, not to post intimate photos or videos of themselves online.

This warning came via a press release disseminated by the Family and Juvenile Unit of the Royal Virgin Islands Police Force (RVIPF) on May 10, 2021.

The warning also comes amid an increase in reports of intimate photos and videos, particularly of younger complainants being posted on social media.

John Antoine, who is in charge of the Unit, said in the press release perpetrators are usually former lovers/companions or friends.

He added that while perpetrators can be charged for violation of privacy, the intimate photos and videos may remain on the internet indefinitely.

A person charged under the Cyber Crime Act 2019, is liable to a fine of up to USD$200,000 or seven years in prison if found guilty.

“We will investigate each case which is reported to us, but the harsh reality is that we may never be able to stop the circulation of these images once they are released. Therefore, recovery from this tragic mistake is difficult.

He continued: “My strong advice is to choose never to record or be a participant in a photo or recording that would likely bring embarrassment or shame if it was to be made public,” Antoine said in the press release.