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The packages of seafood that were transpored illegally by two Coast Guard officers.

Belize: Lawmen busted with seafood

Two officers of the Belize Coast Guard have been arrested in connection with the seizure of over BZD$30,000 worth of seafood in northern Belize last week, according to media and police reports.

Law enforcement authorities have identified the officers as Daniel Ack and Jamie-lee Cruz.

According to reports, the men transported the fish in an SUV which was stopped by othe lawmen at a checkpoint in Buena Vista Village.

During a search of the SUV, police said 320 pounds of bass fillet fish, 46 pounds of salmon fillet, and 317 pounds of jumbo shrimp were discovered.

The men were unable to produce any documentation for the seafood, police said.

As a result, they were detained and both they and the seafood were handed over to Customs officials.

They were expected to be charged with having in their possession uncustomed goods.